History is an account of events that has marked the progress of existence of an institution. As we stand the threshold of another great event we can only proclaim that God has brought us another mile in making the possibility a reality. As our church continues to progress, God has done many works in the lives of those who are a part of the St. Peter’s Rock MB Church. This evident because of the great strides that he allows us to experience from year to year. To those who don’t understand the work of God, it is a mystery, but to those who love the Lord, is a miracle. The St.Peter’s Rock MB Church succeeded from the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. The small church was organized by the late Deacons Willie Rucker, Pat Ralph, Frank Hill and Sister Rosie Rucker in North Cleveland in 1897 under the leadership of W.M. Smathers, our first pastor.
      In 1926, Pastor Hampton was shepherd of the flock. The church family saw the need for a larger and better building; therefore, they left the building which they occupied in North Cleveland presently called the brickyard. After leaving the brickyard they had a building erected at 302 Ruby street which is the present site of the church. The building was small but met the needs of the church at that time. Pastor Hampton and the church worked faithfully to pay for the new $3,500.00 building. After completion, the church was modern and attractive but Pastor Hampton left the church and took some members with him and started a church on the same street called Old St.Phillips. Church progression was not stopped only interrupted. In 1928 the late J.H. Anderson was elected pastor and served eight years before his death in 136. Under his leadership the church was remodeled at a cost of about $1800. The Building committee was Eddie Jefferson, C.H. Anderson, Sr. and W.M. Jackson. The Trustees were W.B. Williams, J.C. Campbell, and B.E. Harris.    
          The board members were: Frank Hill, William Young, Dan Williams, Tom Manus, Gus Manning, Eddie Jefferson, Williams Jackson Charles Anderson (Secretary) and J.H. Anderson-Pastor. Many members were added to the church through reinstatement and baptism. Several accomplishments were marked during this period. Sister Polly Carter was the first president of the Missionary Society and purchased the first piano for the church. Brother Peter Howard was the first president of the BTU,and Brother Tom MAnus was the first President of the Senior choir. The First Sunday School superintendent was Brother Hyman Williams who also organized  the first Sunday School which consisted of two classes, a men and women class. He also served as the first teacher where the Sunday school flourished under his leadership. More classes were organized. he later gave up his his class to devote more time to the Office of Superintendent.

           L.L. Laws was the next to take over as pastor of the church in 1936  where he served for 36 years. Under his leadership the church grew and various updates and amminties were added to the church 3 time. The Junior choir and junior Usher Board were organized. A central air/heating unit were installed along with a baptismal pool. Educational wings, dinning area and a kitchen were added in 1973. The laymen were organized and many members were added to the church. After Pastor Laws death, the church was led by Pastor Fairman for eleven months.
In 1976, Pastor B.T.Moore was elected and served for 3 1/2 years. Under his leadership the church purchased a bus  and more rennovations were made on the building and the bill was paid in twelve months for the amount of $13,750. A new PA systems was purchased and $5000.00 was paid towards the Educational building. Forty ONE members attended the National Congress of Christian Education in Memphis in 1979. Also under Pastor Moore's leadership the Concerned Women's Auxiliary was organized and many more members were baptized and the church grew more.
         In December 1980, M.A. Reed was elected Pastor and under his leadership he and the members worked to strengthen the church ministries and grow the membership. Bible classes and youth ministries were organized also during his time as pastor. The purchase of an organ and a new van took place in 1984 which gave rise to a transportation ministry being organized. Later a mini coach was purchased to aide the transportation ministry. The number of delegates attending the local state and national congress increased. Additional land was purchased in 1987 and the ground breaking services for a new sanctuary took place in March on this present site. The new sanctuary was constructed in the same year. In 1987, the first worship service was held in the new sanctuary of St. Peter’s Rock Church. In 1992, a clothes closet was set up at the church to assist the needy with clothes. 

        A new church van was purchased in June of 1993as part of the bus ministry for the church. Under the leadership of Pastor Reed three ministers were ordained: Eddie Williams, Charles Bass, and Reginald Hurns. In 1994, the land directly in front of the church was purchased. In 1995 a parking area was constructed on the purchased land. In 1996, 26 new members were added to the church family, and a lot of property on the corner of Church and Chrisman Avenue. In the same year Pastor reed was elected to serve as President of the Genreal Missionary And Educational Baptist State Convention. We observed our Centennial Celebration (100 years of Christian Dedication and Service) July 20-27, 1997. Our theme for the 100th  year celebration was, “Standing on the Solid Foundation” which was by Bennie Goodman, Jr. The event was commemorated with keepsake tags and a souvenir booklet. In honor of the St. Peter’s Rock Missionary Baptist Church 100th  birthday celebration a Centennial banquet suited for royalty only which was chaired by Janie Johnson. 1998 started off fruitful at St. Peter’s Rock MB Church with the appointing of three Deacons: Glenn Daniels, Brother Jimmie Washington and Brother Vasser Pegues and 18 new members were added to the church  in 1998.
         St Peter’s Rock MB Church has continued to support Christian education and has awarded scholarship to deserving students. In 2001, the pulpit was declared vacant here at St Peter’s Rock and in October of 2001, Pastor Sammy Brooks was elected the pastor, the implementation of Family and Friends Day featuring hosts families was started. Pastor Brooks also implemented All Auxiliaries Day, Pew Rally Day And Clean Up Day. Plumbing and several other minor repairs were concluded at the church. Three new trustee members were added to the St. Peter’s Rock board in 2002 and they are:John Brinson, Ellis White, and Aaron Moore, Jr. In 2004, bro Aaron Moore Jr. was elected Chairman Of the Trustee Board. In 2004 the pulpit was declared vacant until January 16, 2005, when Terrance Rash was elected pastor during morning services. On January 23, 2005 he preached his first sermon as pastor, entitled,” Let Us Move Forward” coming from Numbers 13:30. Pastor Rash always reminds us that weeping my endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. During Pastor Rash’s tenure, he has brought a sweet spirit and an humble attitude of service and devotion. Also under Pastor Rash many sheep has been added the fold and many have been reclaimed back to the kingdom.

         The church has seen the addition of two more deacons; Brother Terry Trotter, Brother Forrest Bass and Deacon Jimmie Washington was reinstated. Additional properties were purchased and major repairs have been completed at the church under Pastor Rash. The old mortgage was paid off and we have acquired a new mortgage since the old sanctuary/fellowship hall was torn down with the foundation being torn up and a new building being erected, called the “The Ruby Street Community Center”. Deacon Talmedge Davis, Jr.  has been appointed chairman of the Deacon board, and Deacon Richard Williams has been appointed Chairman Of the Trustee Board. The membership at St. Peter’s Rock can surely attest that the windows have been opened and the blessings have been truly showered upon us. As we progress in love and devotion for God and our church and God’s people, we all continuously pray and keep the faith. We give all glory and all praise to God  for what he has done and is doing at St. Peter’s Rock